PixieShared is dedicated to providing incredible Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Opitmized hosting solutions.


Plans & Pricing

We provide fast, affordable & secure hosting all over the world.

CPUCPU SpeedMemoryStorageBandwidthPricing 
AMD EPYC 72823 Physical Cores x 2.8 GHz24 GB (DDR4)180 GB NVME SSD32 TB$79.99Order Now
AMD EPYC 72824 Physical Cores x 2.8 GHz32 GB (DDR4)240 GB NVME SSD32 TB$99.99Order Now
AMD EPYC 72826 Physical Cores x 2.8 GHz48 GB (DDR4)360 GB NVME SSD32 TB$119.99Order Now
AMD EPYC 72828 Physical Cores x 2.8 GHz64 GB (DDR4)480 GB NVME SSD32 TB$159.99Order Now
AMD EPYC 728212 Physical Cores x 2.8 GHz96 GB (DDR4)720 GB NVME SSD32 TB$198.99Order Now

PixieShared Guarantees

Our clients love us because we listen to their needs.

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Fastest NVME SSD Servers

We are using Enterprise NVMe SSD hard drives in a Raid array to give your site that extra speed boost!

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Money Back Guarantee

We have 30 Days moneyback guarantee, so you can try our service without any risk. We’ll refund you if you’re not satisfied.

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99.9% Server Uptime

All of our servers have 100% uptime though we ensure 99.9% to our clients.

Available Operating Systems

Here the Oparating system!

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Open SU SE

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Partly. While both the CPU cores and RAM cannot be customized, you can always add additional Storage space of up to 8 TB as well as additional Unlimited Bandwidth (depending on your VDS plan). In order to do so, kindly get in touch with our Customer Support Department.


Our Virtual Dedicated Servers bring together all the advantages of Dedicated Servers and VPS. Thus, it can be considered as a hybrid between a VPS and a Dedicated Server.

By means of virtualization multiple VDS exist on a host server system the same way as VPS, but each Virtual Dedicated Server has its own dedicated hardware resources, so computing power in the form of CPU Cores and RAM ready to be used only for your own applications without sharing them with other VDS on the same host server system. Because of this, VDS can be fully used for any kind of virtualization projects and support real-time sensitive applications perfectly. Moreover, VDS come with additional VNC access and can be provided as quickly as VPS. Of course, you get full root access to a VDS, too. In addition to that, you can add additional Storage to your VDS and thus it offers more customizable hardware options than our VPS. Because of that, our VDS are often referred to as a slice of a Dedicated Server.

We do not offer a customization of the core components of our Virtual Dedicated Servers, but it is possible to expand storage space by ordering extra SSDs. Two extra drives can be ordered in addition to the storage space already included in the VDS offer. We recommend to compare and choose the VDS model which best suits your performance needs. If you already own a VDS and require additional drives, just contact us and let us know.

At PixieShared, the choice is yours: Select from a wide range of popular Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and many others) and Windows Server. Should you be interested in nested virtualization, Proxmox is also available.

All Virtual Servers Included

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Solid Security

We harden each VPS by our security experts and guard with a security protocol tailored to your environment.

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Fully Managed

We run your server so you can run your business. This means that we provide full support and management for your server.

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Full Root Access

The full power of the server! Having root access to the server gives you the ability to take full control of your server.